Parent/Student Handbook

Student Application

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Because we are Blackfeet, Lasallian, and Catholic, we strive for the following:

  • Academic: work for growth
    • Students are motivated to set and meet goals.
    • Students are prepared to succeed at further school and life.
    • Students put care into their actions.
  • Faith and Values: be Creator’s hands
    • Students express their love of God with all their hearts, strengths, and minds. 
    • Students love and serve others as themselves.
    • Students care for the sacredness of all life.
  • Identity: embrace a sense of self
    • Students honor their Blackfeet culture.
    • Students express how you want to relate to the world.
    • Students recognize the image of God in themselves and others.
  • Community: build positive relationships
    • Students work in service to their neighbors.
    • Students create a sense of belonging and support for one another.
    • Students connect to a world beyond the classroom.

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